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Cabinet of curiosities

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His inspirations

Holding degrees in both mineralogy and custom fashion design, Teddy Parra works raw materials as an Alchemist. Greatly inspired by Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, and Alexander McQueen, Teddy Parra enjoys creating designs that boast drastic cuts: high-waisted jackets, tight and airy skirts and dresses, as well as loose and slim pants. His work explores different cultures coming from the East and the West.

A great fervent of Japan and its traditional culture and movies, Teddy Parra spent a part of his life studying embroidery and Japan's traditional clothing, the “Hakama”. Some of his designs embody this Asian influence.

Teddy Parra is also greatly inspired by fashion trends that blossomed in the United States and England in the “Roaring Twenties:” the Charlie Chaplin “three-piece suit,” which then inspired the androgyne look for women with the shorter and shapeless shift dresses and suits.

Teddy Parra's first collection highlights two themes: « Le cabinet de curiosité » (the curiosity cabinet) and the major expeditions that occurred in the early 20th century.

His collection emphasizes eclectic styles and shapes and offers a journey through time. It speaks to men and women who know how to navigate beyond gender designs and wish to overcome conformism and conventions by embracing originality and sex appeal.

His collection puts together masculine/feminine, East/West, loose/waisted, short/long, transparence/rigor and airy/geometric.

Teddy Parra explores fashion standards through unique cuts like the smoking, the three-piece suit, the pencil skirt, the cocktail dress, the shirt and the corset – A know-how inherited from ancestral tailoring techniques and by only using noble fabrics: silk, cotton, and organic wool.