Teddy Parra For the love of hand-made clothes

Teddy Parra – The bio


The Exegete of Fashion Strongly inspired by his grandmother, an intuitive dressmaker, Teddy Parra lived his childhood around fabrics, patterns, sewing threads, needles and buttons.

These childhood memories greatly impacted his existence. A brilliant and pragmatic student, Teddy PARRA holds a master degree in Science and Engineering and a PHD in Mineralogy that he started in Japan.

While studying, he kept his passion for couture, structure and shapes alive. Immediately, his gift for sweing and designing emerged.

His demanding nature and scientific background led him to deepen the techniques of design and corsetterie at Ateliers Busch's in Paris.

While working all around the world as an expert in Mineralogy for oil companies and research centers, he learned to custom-make designs at GRETA de la Mode in Paris. A passionate of culture and theater, Teddy PARRA showcased his know-how as a costume designer by creating and rework original costumes for many plays and musicals.

Marked by this experience, he then decided to open his own workshop right next to the Moulin Rouge, where he focused on using solely high-quality fabrics.

There, he also created custom-made and half-custom made designs for private and privileged customers who looked for unique models echoing their personality.

At that point of his career, his motivations were to meet his clients' demands and expectations, use culture and history in his creations and develop new shapes and techniques.

His wide international experience and background and his atypical profile are emphasized in each of his collections. Teddy Parra is not a mere fashion designer.

He tells stories through each of his designs. He presents only one collection per year so that he can focus on the quality of his relationships with his customers rather than the quantity.

Teddy Parra's first collection « The Curiosity Cabinet » was featured for the first time in 2014 at the Fashion Night Couture in Paris.